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Day 28: Kick it old school

There’s a lot to learn from children. When we’re young, life is full of adventure. We’re learning new things everyday, practicing and refining our skills.

Today, relearn a skill from childhood — when’s the last time you did a somersault or a cartwheel? Or finger painted? Or collected rocks and coins?

See what adventures you can reclaim today!

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Day 27: Color outside the lines

Remember the innocence and sense of wonder we had as a child? Those days when 64 colors in the box meant we had the capability to create entire new worlds?

Today, draw a picture with your inner child and see the world through their lens. Draw from scratch, or find a coloring book and draw outside the lines. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, draw something with your eyes closed then open your eyes and create a new drawing from your original.

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Day 26: Reinvent your comfort zone

Adventures often require some sort of risk. Some action required that gets you out of your comfort zone, pushing your limits when all we want to do is curl up with a good book and a cup of chicken noodle soup.

Our comfort zone is constantly shifting as we grow and stretch our personal limits. You guys have been amazing this month and so we created today’s adventure in celebration of stepping outside our comfort zones.

Today, choose an old comfort and add a new twist.

Maybe it’s an almond butter and jelly sandwich instead of good ‘ol PB&J. Or adding broccoli or bacon to your mac and cheese. It could be curling up with a non-fiction book you’ve been eyeing instead of your usual science fiction.

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Day 25: Break out of the habit

When you were young, did you ever read those books where you had to choose what decision the characters had to make at the end of every page?

Every day we face various situations and circumstances that allow us to choose to take action (or take no action). There are the safe and comfortable choices (e.g., having our favorite cereal for breakfast). There are choices we make out of habit (e.g., driving the same route every day to work). And there are choices we make that feel riskier and have an element of the unknown. Today, we challenge you to choose adventure.

Write your own story today. What will you choose?

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Day 24: Roll out the red carpet

It’s time to grab a drink and make some popcorn. Today’s adventure takes us to the cinema. (Or the comfy sofa in front of your home theater.)

Watch a movie in a different language. Feeling extra adventurous? Leave off the subtitles and try to figure out what’s going on. Make up your own story.

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Day 23: Dance ’til you feel better

When’s the last time you danced with pure abandon? When you turned up the music and let the rhythm sink under your skin and into your blood?

Today’s adventure invites you to dance for no reason. Pick your favorite song, crank up the music and get down. Yep, right there in your living room.

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Day 22: Get out and play

Today’s adventure brings us our last guest contributor, the women of Chicks Climbing. The Colorado-based Chicks promotes self-reliance by teaching and focusing on technical skills to help women become more equal climbing partners. They also promote empowerment, the spirit of service and giving back to the community.

The Chicks hold ice and rock climbing clinics for women all across the country, so they know a little bit about adventure.

From Chicks Climbing:
“Play outside for 30 minutes today! Need inspiration? Pretend you’re a kid again and remember the outdoors is full of “natural” toys waiting to come to life with a bit of imagination.”

Check out the latest at chickswithpicks.net.

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